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#03 The Secret to an overwhelm-free day is easier than you think.

Episode #03

One thing we all know, especially as business owners, is the paralyzing effect of overwhelm. Instead of getting clarity and taking it one step at a time, we move into a downward spiral of distraction and end up wasting even more valuable time.

In this episode, we discuss how focus can be the way out of the most trying situations and share the tips and tricks we use in our lives that help us stay calm and on track.

We talked about:

  • How not prioritizing and focusing on one task at a time becomes the cause of panic and anxiety

  • How we have learned to organize our days to reach maximum efficiency (without spending the entire day working)

  • The importance of being careful with what you commit to

  • How focus creates positive outcomes and builds confidence in return

  • How small distractions cause unnecessary mistakes and delays

Nothing great was ever created from a panic mindset. When we turn off the noise and focus on the one thing in front of us, we will be amazed at how quickly a seemingly momentous task can actually be completed. As an added benefit we become calm and save energy to tackle whatever comes next!

Lightbulb moment: Nothing good ever comes from a state of panic. The only remedy for a crisis is focus.



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