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#04 The importance of choosing an environment that supports your success.

Episode #04

Becoming conscious of our environment and how it is influencing our lives is a crucial step in designing the life we want! What we feed our minds, who we keep around us, and where we physically place ourselves in the world can either be uplifting or keep us stuck in a place we don’t want to be anymore.

In this episode, we discuss the effects our environment has on us, whether it is in our power to change it and how it has an impact on our journey to success.

We talked about:

  • How we attract the environment we are in.

  • The question of whether our support system is vital to our success or just a nice to have.

  • The vital question you need to ask yourself often.

  • Taking stock of our own lives.

  • Keeping the balance of cleaning up our lives and holding a space of love and kindness for those around us.

We might not be able to choose our environment when we are small children and are largely at the mercy of what our parents and their lives subject us to. However, as we grow older and become the designers of our own lives, it is up to us to choose what and who we surround ourselves with.

Lightbulb moment: Having a supportive and uplifting environment is CRUCIAL…and here is the great part: We have the power to CHOOSE ours!



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