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#07 It's not all about you!

Episode #07

How often do you dump your mind drama on the people around you? We all do it! We get so consumed with the day to day stuff that fills the life of an entrepreneur that we forget that there is a life outside of business.

The people closest to us have to deal with our mind drama...often...without a choice in the matter. In this episode, we discuss why we as entrepreneurs need to raise our awareness on how we share and deal with our struggles as entrepreneurs so that we can leave space for those we love to support us in their way.

We talked about:

  • why it is important to have an outlet and share your thoughts and feelings with someone who "gets it"

  • how to share your stuff with your partner or those closest to you

  • we think talking about our issues all the time will help us to resolve it

  • why it is important to watch your words (and thoughts)

  • how focusing on the one thing that did go right can create a massive shift in your feelings and how you show up for those you love

  • why we need to check in with ourselves and ask better questions when we need support

When we take a breath and choose to ask for what we need instead of assuming our partners will know what we need, we create a safe space for us and them to talk about the real problem.

Lightbulb moment: Everyone is struggling with something. There is life outside of your business and your struggles.



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