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#100 Low-Quality Cycles

Episode #100

Our brain's negativity bias makes it easy for us to find ourselves in low-quality cycles. These low-quality cycles can hurt us in our efforts to build a successful business.

In this episode, we share exactly what a low-quality cycle is, how to recognize when you're in one, and how to get yourself into a high-quality cycle so that you can build your business with more ease and flow.

Sneak peek of what we talked about:

  • Focusing on you and what you can get vs focusing on the client' or customer's need

  • If you're focused on how you can make money from a potential client, you're in a low-quality cycle

  • If you're focused on "selling" a customer on a sales call, you are in a low-quality cycle

  • Urgency and need vs sufficiency and abundance

  • What you say during a sales conversation is not as important as how you say it

  • What you're thinking and feeling when you say it determines how it is received

  • If you're focused on getting it perfect, you're in a low-quality cycle

  • Taking action from a place of scarcity and fear

  • Being in your head vs being present

  • Comparing your journey keeps you in a low-quality cycle

  • Where the money in your business really comes from

  • The energy of "having" and staying in high-quality cycles

  • Staying committed to the goal and detaching from the outcome

Lightbulb Moment: "It's impossible to focus on yourself when you're focused on serving the person in front of you." - Tony Robbins



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