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#102 Living in Possibility

Episode #102

How much time are you spending in the possibility of having what you desire?

Our brain is programmed to focus on what won’t work, what could go wrong, and all the reasons why we can't have it or why we're not capable of creating it.

Nothing has gone wrong.

This is simply your brain's way of keeping you safe.

But, this is also an unintentional way of being and operating in your life.

We want to be intentional, and purposeful, and use our higher brain to direct our lives.

In this episode, we share how you can tap into your higher-thinking brain and drive your thoughts and emotions with purpose and intention, and as a result, make what you thought was impossible a reality in your life.

Sneak peek of what we talked about:

  • How much mental bandwidth are you giving to what won't work?

  • The red flag that shows you you're living in the impossibility

  • Deliberate thoughts vs unintentional thinking

  • Who before how

  • Allowing ourselves to dream

  • Doubt is easy, belief is hard

  • Low-quality vs high-quality problems

  • Everything you want is available to you

  • Comfort in the contrast

  • The fact that you have the desire is an indication that you already possess everything you need to make it happen

  • Making it harder than it needs to be

  • Uncertainty is part of the process

  • Starting from possibility sets you up for success

Lightbulb Moment: "Everything you want is downstream" - Abraham Hicks



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