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#103 Time To Say Goodbye

Episode #103

If it's great, why on earth would you let it go?!

We have loved every second of creating this podcast and have cherished each and every listener!

In this Episode we share with mixed emotions why we are putting it on ice for the time being.

We believe in practicing what we preach and in many episodes you have heard us preach to be intentional with your time and focus on what is right for you in that moment. That is exactly what we have decided to do and we hope that we will be able to inspire you one more time to take a look at what you are spending time and energy on in your life and where you might want to make a few changes yourself in the next year!

What now?!

Don't worry! We won't disappear off the face of the earth and will continue to create content for you on our individual channels!

Ilonka has a podcast directed specifically at moms in business and you can follow her on her social media pages and her amazing "Mom Aligned" Podcast.

Mandi will be launching a YouTube channel in January 2023 dedicated to life coaching topics and yoga classes you can do from home. The channel link will be posted here as soon as it is up and running!

Find us on Instagram:

Ilonka: @ilonkarascoaching

Mandi: @mlgcoaching

Links to our websites:

Ilonka: Ilonka Ras Coaching

Mandi: MLG Coaching

Lightbulb Moment: "Do what is right for you NOW and design your life with INTENTION!" - SDHL



Instagram: @shedesignsherlife

Facebook: @shedesignsherlife


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