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#11 The hidden message in admiring others (and what it says about you!)

Episode #11

Do you admire qualities in others and then think that it is super unatainable for you? Do you ever think: "Wow, she is so confident, self-assured, kind, fearless, badass, etc."? We all admire our mentors or those who are at the level of success or self-actualization that we want to be at and think that we are so far away from that goal post.

The truth, however, is that we would not be able to recognize these qualities in others if we did not already posess them in some capacity. The only difference between you and those you admire is that they have practiced these qualities and have mastered them. The mere fact that you can see these qualities in others, means that you can BE that too.

We talked about:

  • the hidden message in admiring others

  • what admiring others says about you

  • how to start practicing and mastering the qualities you want to grow within yourself

  • the alter ego and why everyone needs one

  • how to create you own alter ego and supercharge a life by design

Lightbulb moment: The qualities you admire in others already LIVES inside you


Download the Alter Ego Worksheet HERE




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