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#15 What if they're already listening?

Episode #15

I NEED more clients. Can you feel the urgent desperation in those words?

How often do you show up with that urgency? We get it. Bills need to be paid and when your bank account is not reflecting enough so that we can get through the month, we can practice positive affirmations all day long, it ain't gonna make a difference.

In today's episode of the She Designs Her Life podcast, we share a different perspective with you. One that will help you to stop scaring your clients and customers away with your needy Oh-Lord-I-NEED-a-sale vibe.

We talked about:

  • Needing vs Wanting and the energy of desire

  • The smell of need

  • Your bigger benefit

  • How to attract your ideal client instead of chasing them

  • How to let go and turn negative thoughts into positive ones

  • New thoughts around attracting your perfect client(s)

Lightbulb moment: Need comes from a lack mindset and attracts more need. Abundance attracts abundance.



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