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#18 The Lightbulb and How to turn it on!

Episode #18

Transformation is a process and cycles that bring us deeper and deeper to the core of who we are. To start transformation, the first step is to gain CLARITY. Without clarity you won’t even see that you need transformation in the first place!

If you are in muddled water, it is very hard to see anything around you. In this episode we discuss the building blocks necessary to start the process and what it takes to see your life for what it is and how you can change it!

We talked about:

  • How coming into clarity can be painful, yet seeing the ugly truth is still better than staying in the dark

  • The building blocks of clarity - Detachment, Responsibility, Honesty

  • How it is not about blaming and judging yourself

  • Ways to get clarity

  • Being mindful of who you talk to and share with

  • How if you are still blaming someone else for anything in your life, you have not gained full clarity yet.

Books Mentioned:

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy

Lightbulb moment: Your Lightbulb will glow when you have Detachment, Honesty and Responsibility.



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