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#22 The Must Mentality. Where joy goes to die.

Episode #22

Do you remember when you were a child just doing random things with your friends and you used to laugh until your stomach hurts and tears are running down your face, when last did you do that and how often does that occur now that you are full on adulting? Do you feel pure excitement a month ahead of your holiday or are you more focused on everything that needs to be done before you get to that point?

In this Episode we dig into why life has become so serious and what you and I can do to turn it around and make life a little lighter again!

We talked about:

  • It’s the “musts” that make us not want to get up in the morning

  • How unnecessarily serious life has become

  • How we manage to turn fun into stress

  • Our twisted belief systems that are just. not. true.

  • Our brain is wired for efficiency and not accuracy

  • Where this thought pattern comes from and how to start making adjustments today

Lightbulb moment: Must I REALLY?



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