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#27 "The Secret" Revelation or Rubbish?

Episode #27

Yes you guessed it, in this episode we dive into the philosophy and teachings behind the famous book by Rhonda Byrne.

All you have to do is THINK IT and TRULY BELIEVE IT and you shall HAVE IT.

But is it really that easy? Is this really what was meant or should we delve a little deeper and (as usual) pair it with a proper serving of common sense and discernment?

We talked about:

  • The pretty and ugly of this philosophy

  • How it can make you less sympathetic towards others

  • How it can give you a false sense of superiority

  • What we think about being “happy and positive” all the time

  • How visualization should be paired with action

  • The importance of finding your own intelligent way

The Instagram post by Myron Golden referenced in this Episode:

"When you focus on the opportunity you respond with energy, anticipation and excitement.

But when you focus on the obstacle you react with doubt, anxiety and trepidation.

Thinking good thoughts and focusing on positive outcomes is not some magical Genie that brings things to you.

Thinking good thought and focusing on positive outcomes gives you the ability to take an action you could not take when you were focused on the obstacle.

When you understand this, you can see that the "Law Of Attraction" is really "The Law Of At Action"."

Here is the link to Myron Golden's IG

Lightbulb moment: Have the belief. Take the action.



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