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#33 The Space In Between. Change and Anxiety.

Episode #33

Have you ever experienced significant change?...Well if you have lived for more than 2 seconds the answer will definitely be yes. Here’s the more relevant question, have you ever experienced anxiety as a result of change EVEN THOUGH the change is positive and it is something you have always wanted?

In this Episode we talk about significant changes in your life and the space after making that change - the space in between where you are now and where you want to be once you have settled in. Tune in! You might be surprised by your lovely ol’ brain!

We talked about:

  • How we get anxious about change even if it is our dream

  • The mental drama around change

  • How the inner work starts in the space in between the decision and the goal

  • How we often wrongly interpret anxiety for a sure sign of danger and miscalculation

  • How our brain just recognizes change and acts on that - it does not differentiate between good and bad change

  • What you can do to help you through the space in between and the anxiety that comes up

Lightbulb moment: Don’t trust your brain. Anxiety is not always a bad omen.

Book Mentioned: Daniel Gilbert - Stumbling on Happiness



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