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#36 From Welfare To Millionaire - A Podside Chat with Sandy Forster

Episode #36

Do you ever feel overwhelmed (or perhaps just confused) with the subject of manifesting your dream life?

There is a wealth of knowledge out there on the subject but we have not yet come across someone who breaks it down in practical and simple to understand techniques...that is until we met Sandy Forster.

Sandy doesn't just talk the talk, she also walks it and her personal and professional achievements speak for themselves.

Sandy is the money mindset mentor for women worldwide who are ready to experience more abundance and freedom in their life. Sandy went from welfare to millionaire, has been featured in Oprah’s Aussie Secret and loves inspiring and empowering women to break through their blocks, manifest more money, and create a life they’re truly passionate about.

Her award-winning international bestseller How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast has been translated into over 11 languages, she’s the host of the Wildly Wealthy Women podcast and she’s transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of women worldwide.

Sandy lives in her own tropical paradise near the beach in sunny Australia and has wild kangaroos grazing in her back yard every afternoon.

We were blessed to have her as a guest on the show this week! This one is a GOODIE! So, grab your notebook and your favourite cup of whatever and soak up all the golden nuggets Sandy drops during our chat. Also, be sure to stay until the end to receive a special free bonus resource from Sandy that will help you kickstart your money manifesting journey!

We talked about:

  • The mindset shift that pushed Sandy from welfare to millionaire

  • The simple process of manifesting ANYTHING you want

  • How to do affirmations the right way (the power you need to make your affirmations a reality)

  • The power of thinking small

  • The key component to manifesting (if you don't do this you will not see results)

  • Why getting "practical" is an important part of attracting more money

  • The manifesting blocks that women (more so than men) struggle with most

Lightbulb moment: "You have the power to change your thoughts and create the life you want." - Sandy Forster



Facebook: @Sandylforster

Facebook Group: @LawOfAttractionProsperitySecrets

Instagram: @SandylForster

Twitter: @WWealthy

Books: How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast



Instagram: @shedesignsherlife

Facebook: @shedesignsherlife


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