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#37 The negative. Your new best friend.

Episode #37

We all want to get away from unhappiness and discomfort as soon as possible...once all that crap is removed from our lives, we will be happy and life will be amazing, right?!

Is that really true though?

Have a listen to this episode and explore with us why unhappiness and all the uncomfortable stuff is actually what makes life good!

We talked about:

  • How unhappiness isn’t a bad thing.

  • What life would be like without duality.

  • Frontal Lobotomies :-/

  • How discomfort, pain and unhappiness are huge driving forces in our life.

  • Why you should make unhappiness your friend.

  • A situation only has the meaning that we attach to it - “good” and “bad” is our interpretation.

Lightbulb moment: Negative states should be our greatest motivators!

The Infamous Frontal Lobotomy:

In a nutshell a frontal lobotomy is a neurosurgical operation that involves severing connections in the brain's prefrontal lobe. This procedure was performed to improve the behavior and mental state of psychiatric patients.

One of the terrible long term side effects of this procedure was mental dullness. So not only did it remove the uncomfortable symptoms, but in many cases it affected their personality as a whole, removing characteristics such as empathy, initiative and their ability to function on their own.

This famous line by Tom Waits says it all:

“I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.”



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