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#41 Expectation, the killer of happiness? - An expert interview with Bianca-Maria Klein

Episode #41

Who can honestly say they are free from or unaffected by expectations? In fact, it is quite easy to argue that expectation is the "Killer of happiness" and a source of tremendous pressure and stress.

Has anyone ever taught us to deal with expectation or even to recognize it? We go through life constantly acting from what we think is expected or hold back out of fear for that same expectation.

In this Episode Life Coach Bianca Maria Klein takes us into the world of this exciting topic with loads of insights, experiences, explanations and most importantly ready to use tools on how to recognize and deal with expectations. We were blown away by how easily we can turn those dreaded expectations around and use them to take control and completely empower ourselves!

Join us for this amazing conversation with the stunning Bianca-Maria and have a pen and paper ready to note down your lightbulb moments and also the great tools she shares, such as the black box method!

We talked about:

  • The definition of expectation and what it means in our lives.

  • The 3 fears behind expectations.

  • How so many issues around expectations can be solved through having conversations and clear communication.

  • The stories and meanings we attach to situations, events and people and how to question those.

  • What lies behind expectations.

  • How to turn expectations around so they actually serve you.

  • The black box method.

Lightbulb moment: "What lies behind your expectation? Find clarity and turn it into something empowering ."



Facebook: @biancamariakleinchange

Instagram: @Coach Bianca-Maria Klein

LinkedIn: Bianca-Maria Klein



Instagram: @shedesignsherlife

Facebook: @shedesignsherlife


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