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#42 The Importance Of Making A Decision

Episode #42

Do you struggle to make decisions? Do you find yourself over-analyzing the options and find yourself in paralysis analysis, not making a decision at all?

Decision-making is an important skill all entrepreneurs need to be good at. We're faced with a gazillion decisions every day and when we can make decisions quickly and confidently it empowers us to take back control and move forward with less drama.

Tune in to the episode below:

We talked about:

  • Why decision making is a core skill you must practice

  • Making difficult decisions is a door to more freedom

  • The reason why we're scared or hesitant to make decisions

  • Why you need to let go of wanting "certainty"

  • Why there's no such thing as a bad decision

  • The mental state where the best decisions are made

  • How to make intuitive decisions

Lightbulb moment: A poor decision made is better than a great decision not made.



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