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#51 Interview with Courtney Dyer - What are the things in your life REALLY costing you?

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Episode #51

How savvy are you with your money? Do you budget...AND stick to it? What is our money script?

In this episode we talk with the amazing Courtney Dyer. She is the host of the Financially Free Journey podcast and has been working in the finance industry for more than 15 years.

She gives us amazing tips and...of course what we are all about... talks about our common mindset around money, how to approach it and how to take back control over your financial health.

She shares awesome insights with us and we were so inspired by her passion for this topic and her willingness to help anyone who is looking for guidance!

We had so many lightbulb moments during this interview and so will you! :)

We talked about:

  • The lack of financial literacy

  • How the school system fails us when it comes to financial education

  • Common mistakes we all make - especially as business owners

  • Money Scripts

  • How to handle the topic of money around our kids

  • Keeping up with the Joneses...

  • How to change our mindset and approach toward our finances

Lightbulb moment: How much time does the item you buy cost you and is it worth it?

Courtney also has an amazing podcast! Financially Free Journey


TikTok: @financiallyfreejourney

Instagram: @financiallyfreejourney

Facebook: @courtneyrdyer



Instagram: @shedesignsherlife

Facebook: @shedesignsherlife


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