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#56 Interview with Dnette Wood - Success doesn't require confidence.

Episode #56

Do you think confidence is a prerequisite for success as an entrepreneur? DNette Wood is our special guest on today's episode and if you feel you don't have enough confidence, or that your fears and self-doubt are holding you back from creating the business and life you want, then you definitely want to tune in to this one! A fourth-generation native New Mexican, DNette Wood grew up in Albuquerque and has been a real estate agent since 1999. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder as a music major and spent several years in Nashville, Tennessee working in the music publishing business.

As a community leader in her home state of New Mexico, DNette was appointed by both Governor Gary Johnson and Governor Bill Richardson to serve on the State Investment Council which oversees the state of New Mexico’s permanent funds currently valued at 19 Billion dollars. During her time serving on the board, they created and deployed the film incentives which have become the foundation for a successful film and television industry throughout the state. As an entrepreneur, she has built a successful business through real estate while balancing family and raising three children. DNette shares her journey into entrepreneurship, staying true to your bigger life vision, and how having our darkest moments can lead us to our biggest breakthroughs.

We talked about:

  • Setting intentions ahead of time

  • The importance of lifelong learning

  • Building a career around the life you want to create

  • Why confidence is not a prerequisite for your success (and how you can build it as you go)

  • How our darkest moments can lead us to our biggest breakthroughs

  • Why our mindset is the key to designing a life we love

  • Focusing on your dreams and aligning your actions with what you want to create

  • Putting in the work and doing what you love

  • The importance of written goals

  • How to deal with the fears we face on our journey as entrepreneurs

  • Your obituary and living a happy life

  • Why entrepreneurship might not be for everyone

  • Why you need a mentor in your life (and business)

Lightbulb moment: You have the power to design your career around the life you want.


Rich Dad Poor Dad - What the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not.



Instagram: @dnettewood

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YouTube: DNette Wood Albuquerque Realtor

LinkedIn: Dnette Wood



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