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#58 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, with Sandy Stomato

Episode #58

Imposter syndrome is a word that has been doing the rounds in the entrepreneurial and online world for quite some time and we have all had to deal with it at some level.

Have you ever wondered why exactly we experience this feeling of "feeling Like a fraud" or not being quite ready yet to fully step into our role as coaches or business owners?

Sandy Stomato, a transitional coach, has a ton of experience on the subject of imposter syndrome and shares her expertise with us so that we can overcome it once and for all.

Tune in to the Episode to find out more about sticking to less :)

We talked about:

  • What Imposter Syndrome is and why we experience it when we start our own businesses

  • Ever feel like you just don't fit in? You might be a limb dweller.

  • Limb dwellers and trunk dwellers - which one are you?

  • When it feels like you don't have solid ground beneath your feet

  • Why limb dwellers experience imposter syndrome

  • What to do when you feel imposter syndrome is holding you back from being the best entrepreneur you can be

  • Why it is important to understand what your highest values are

  • The boardroom exercise to dealing with negative self talk

Lightbulb moment: The journey of being an entrepreneur can be daunting and scary but the view to the top is amazing. Take some time to take a look and enjoy it.



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