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#59 Catastrophizing!! - How to use it to your benefit

Episode #59

Catastrophize: to imagine the worst possible outcome of an action or event : to think about a situation or event as being a catastrophe or having a potentially catastrophic outcome (def.: Merriam Webster dictionary)

Sound familiar? Examples would be: If I fail this test, I will never get a job, everyone will reject me and I will never get a chance to make something of myself again....tad dramatic? Yes. Only for drama-queens? No! We actually do it all the time (Some of us more than others of course).

Although it serves as a protection mechanism, chronically staying in this though pattern can be damaging and leave us exhausted and stressed.

In this Episode we explore how we can turn our catastrophizing habit around and even use it to move us forward!

We talked about:

  • What catastrophizing is.

  • Why we do it.

  • Why it's not necessarily a bad thing.

  • How you can turn it around to benefit you.

  • If-Then planning

  • Neutralizing thoughts.

  • Gratitude vs Appreciation.

Lightbulb moment: “You either win or you learn."



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