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#67 Interview with Ashley Bernardi on Trauma, Authenticity and our Inner Wisdom.

Episode #67

In this Episode we have the absolute pleasure of chatting with the inspiring Ashley Bernardi! Ashley is the founder of the powerhouse media relations firm Nardi Media.

She shares with us her journey of finding herself and balance through her experiences of trauma.

The traumatic death of her father at a young age and diagnosis of Lyme Disease and postpartum depression after the birth of her third child deepened her passion for health, wellness, and spirituality, and taught her how to access her own authentic power to heal her life.

Her story is a great reminder to all of us to STOP for a moment every day and listen to the soft voice before life FORCES us to hear it scream.

We talked about:

  • When our bodies force us to stop.

  • Trauma lessons.

  • Listening to our inner voice and wisdom.

  • External vs internal validation.

  • The FEEL framework.

  • The power of doing nothing. The power of now.

  • Being intentional about your time.

  • Learn to feel your emotions.

  • Taking off the mask of strength.

Lightbulb moment: You need to feel to overcome.

Ashley's Book! Authentic Power - Give Yourself Permission to Feel



Instagram: @bookerbernardi



Instagram: @shedesignsherlife

Facebook: @shedesignsherlife


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