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#69 Your relationship with time and having more of it.

Episode #69

"I'd love to do more of what I love, but I don't have time...."

"Gosh my day has just been crazy busy...I can't get to everything!"

"Life just moves too fast. I can't keep up!"

Ever catch yourself saying that? What if time is more about WHAT you fill it with, rather than HOW much of it you have?

This episode is not about how to plan or save time but rather about how you show up within the time you have and what feeling you attach to it. Whether time is an illusion or not, it is still a huge reality for us in our day to day life and it is up to us to make it meaningful and worth our while.

We talked about:

  • Is time a mental construct?

  • The RAS.

  • Our believe around time.

  • What meaning we give the time we have.

  • What do we really want?

  • How we need to get our priorities figured out first.

  • Achieving more in less time.

  • How we show up in the time that we have available.

Lightbulb moment: You cannot call something a distraction unless you know what it is distracting you from - Nir Eyal



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