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#74 Changing the narrative.

Episode #74

It's true that we all have a story. Many people deal with some heavy stuff. Traumatic experiences that when we hear about them, make us question how that person came out on the other end of it without completely losing themselves.

We find these stories where people chose to be victors instead of victims very inspiring and we wanted to talk about how we can take our worst experiences and use them as fuel for change and an opportunity to grow by changing the narrative.

We talked about:

  • There is power in pain.

  • We always have a choice.

  • How did this happen for me instead of to me?

  • Opportunities to grow

  • Being okay with not being okay

  • Our biggest pain can be our biggest superpower

  • Your story matters.

  • The meaning we give to our experiences.

*** If you are in a situation where you are struggling with a traumatic past or current experience we want to take this opportunity to encourage you to reach out to someone that can help you. ***

Lightbulb moment: The only way to prepare for life is to accept that we can’t prepare for everything, but that we will commit to turning our stories around.


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