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#76 Believing in yourself.

Episode #76

Everything we do (or don't do) is tied to our level of self-belief. We are all familiar with the famous Henry Ford quote that says "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right." Cognitively it makes total sense and logically we know that believing in ourselves will get us much further in life than not, and yet, we all struggle with belief.

In this episode, we deep dive into what believing in yourself really means and how you can believe bigger for yourself.

We talked about:

  • What is belief and why do we doubt ourselves so much?

  • The two sides of the belief coin.

  • How you talk to yourself

  • What you do makes a difference

  • What is confidence and how do you get it?

  • The power of asking better questions.

  • Talk is cheap

  • How to believe bigger for yourself - in three simple steps.

Lightbulb moment: " Confidence isn’t something you have. It is something you create." - Tony Robbins



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