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#77 YOU ARE the investment.

Episode #77

Do you see yourself as an investment or do you feel apprehensive when it comes to spending on yourself?

Whether it is on courses or just granting ourselves a little TLC - we often hold back because we feel there is something "more important" that we should give priority to.

However, what if that investment will allow you to be in a better space to be more productive, more confident, and more educated, which in turn will give you even more than just your money's worth back?!

We talked about:

  • When is it splurging and when is it an investment?

  • How our personal history and belief system play a role in our decisions.

  • Education and broken toilets.

  • Be mindful of asking for too many opinions.

  • Holding ourselves accountable for our RTO.

Lightbulb moment: We are our biggest asset.



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