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#84 When you feel like you're not enough

Episode #84

Ever feel like you're not enough?
Not rich enough, smart enough, connected enough, far enough, good enough, educated enough? The fear of not being enough is a universal one, and it's a dream killer. It's also exhausting and one of the biggest reasons why we struggle as entrepreneurs.

After years of struggling and dealing with this "not enoughness", we had a breakthrough and we wanted to share it with you!

We talked about:

  • What does it even mean to be enough?

  • How the fear of not being enough can impact your relationships, health, and your business

  • A breakthrough and why feeling not enough is easy to overcome

  • Comparison and the trap that perpetuates feeling not enough

  • The good side of feeling not enough

Lightbulb moment: Enough is a decision.



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