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#85 The lost art of Patience

Episode #85

Instant, rapid, fast, same day, overnight...this is our new way of life. Everything moves fast, happens overnight, is delivered same day and and this gives some of us instant anxiety.

In todays Episode we talk about patience and all the goodies we stand to gain from embracing the journey with a bit more "slow and steady".

We talked about:

  • We often think if it's not instant and easy, its wrong.

  • Some things just take time and they are still right.

  • When we push to get it fast, we often end up going nowhere.

  • Why patience is a trigger.

  • Why "instant" isn't always good long term.

  • Expectations placed on the universe.

  • How the people in our lives discourage us from being patient.

  • How patience creates confidence.

Lightbulb moment: Enough is a decision.



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