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#87 The limits of your Identity

Episode #87

Do you like the box you are in?

We all want to be safe and certain about our lives, who we are and what is expected from us. If this becomes blurry, we get unsettled and uncertain and it causes us to feel ungrounded and detached from our friends, family and community.

In this Episode we show you why your identity is not keeping you safe but rather trapped! And maybe, just maybe, inspire you to take a peek outside of the box!

We talked about:

  • The value of questioning our identity.

  • Our subconscious beliefs.

  • Why we stay attached to our identity.

  • We hold on so people around us don't have to deal with our change.

  • How we start believing and accepting the limitations of our identity.

  • The benefits of peeking outside of the box.

  • How to start recognizing the limits of our box and how to start breaking out.

  • How to help the people around you to adjust to your changing identity.

Lightbulb moment: "The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with". Tony Robbins




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