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#92 What to do when inspiration is low

Episode #92

Do you struggle with planning your time for the week because you feel it dampens your creative flow?

In a recent coaching session with a client, she shared her resistance to planning because she always felt inspired to do things when she had other things planned for that time.

As a result, she felt that she couldn’t always act on those creativity or inspiration hits when they happened because the window of inspired action or creativity was lost.

Here’s the thing though. Inspiration and creativity come when we are in a specific emotional state.

We are not at the mercy of our emotions. We do actually have full control over them.

In this episode, we share how you can create creative and inspired moments on demand.

We talked about:

  • The effect of planning on your creativity and inspiration

  • Why planning isn't restrictive

  • Unconscious doing vs intentional action

  • The primitive brain and instant pleasure

  • Where creativity and inspiration really come from

  • Successful entrepreneurs don't wait for creativity to hit them

  • The power of a time audit

  • Being conscious of your natural rhythms

  • Training your brain and creating inspiration and creativity on demand

  • How you plan and schedule for creative moments

  • Creating your own flow state formula

Lightbulb moment:


Kate Northrup - Do Less: A revolutionary approach to time and energy management for ambitious women



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