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#96 Closing Open Loops

Episode #96

Open loops or loose ends can cause so much stress in our lives because they are constantly nagging at our unconscious to get done!

We share why it's important to close the open loops in your life and where to get started on those loops that are difficult to deal with.

Sneak peek of what we talked about:

  • The stress created by open loops

  • When you don't have anything urgent to do but you feel like you're forgetting something important

  • The "always on" culture and how to reduce the stress of backlog work

  • The power of having a plan for your time

  • Other people's open loops and situations outside your control

  • The discomfort of letting go and being okay with open loops that will never be closed

  • The effect of what we think we "should" do

  • Don't touch the backlog until you have this system in place

  • Facing difficult tasks head on

  • The three simple steps to closing open loops



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