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#98 Drop the stick!

Episode #98

If scarcity is a mindset, how do we shift our attention to abundance so we can create more of what we want?

Scarcity and abundance are like opposite ends of the same stick. Moving from the scarcity side to the abundance side can feel really hard.

In this episode, we discuss how dropping the stick can get you to an abundant mindset faster.

Sneak peek of what we talked about:

  • How our thoughts impact our results

  • Thought loops and changing the pattern

  • The mindset of scarcity and lack

  • How "wanting more" is still being in scarcity

  • The stick and what end you're finding yourself on

  • How to move from scarcity to abundance

  • Momentum and how to move into abundance with ease vs force

Books mentioned in this episode:

The Soul of Money - by Lynne Twist



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