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#99 Improving Your Strengths Instead of your Weaknesses

Episode #99

Often working too much on our weaknesses makes life much more difficult than working on our strengths.

We tend to focus on our shortcomings a lot and especially if we're self development junkies! It can come to a point where we default to looking at what we need to improve and forget about the things we are really good at!

This Episode is about expanding your strengths and improving weaknesses only where relevant.

Sneak peek of what we talked about:

  • Reflecting on what went well this year

  • Recognising where you were really strong and then expanding that to the new year

  • What came easy to you this past year?

  • It's hard to grow when you are in scarcity mindset around your own skills

  • Going from improvement to expansion

  • feel that everything you have now is enough and you can build from here

  • You can use your strengths to prioritize your focus

Lightbulb Moment: Focusing on your weaknesses takes focus and time away from your strengths.



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