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#25 Your success is inevitable.

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Episode #25

How would you show up differently if you believed your success was inevitable?

How long would you be willing to "stick out" the hard times?

How would you feel about the setbacks or so-called failures?

In today's episode of the SDHL podcast, we discuss this belief and how it can impact and empower you to build the business that can fuel the life of your dreams.

We talked about:

• How our need for quick fixes and instant gratification keeps us from creating the life and business we dream of.

• Why playing the long game is critical for your success and how it will impact the way you show up every day.

• How would believing "your success is inevitable" impact how you show up in your life and business? What would you do differently?

• Why you can't skip the transformation required to become the person who has what you want.

Lightbulb moment: What if your success is inevitable?



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