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#64 The Business You Are vs. The Business You're Becoming

Episode #64

Episode 5 out of 5 of our series for coaches and consultants!

As new entrepreneurs, it's easy to get caught up in the business we envision. Having a big goal and thinking big for yourself and your business is important but there needs to be a balance between the present and the work you need to do HERE vs your future vision and the business you're going to be then.

In this episode, we break down why mastery is important and how to be the best at what you do NOW so that you can be the impact maker you want to be.

Here's a glimpse at what we discussed during this episode:

  • Starting a business isn't glamorous.

  • Hard work vs Grit vs Hustle

  • Embracing the hardships

  • Getting distracted with shiny objects and how this limits our growth and success

  • Learning from mentors and other coaches and when you've learned enough

  • Forging your own path and the power of authenticity

  • How to master your craft so you can become the business, entrepreneur, and impact maker you're meant to be.

Lightbulb moment: You have to master the business you are before you can be the business you're meant to become.



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