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#23 Just LET GO damn it!

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Episode #23

“Surrender to life and all will be well”...hmmmm...if only it were THAT easy!

Giving up or surrendering is often only possible after long arduous struggles and doing it intentionally might not be as simple as flipping a switch for most of us.

In this Episode we explore the real meaning behind surrendering or ‘letting go’, what the challenges are and we offer methods of how to actually release and flow with life.

We talked about:

• The deeper meaning of surrender

• How we feel it’s easier to hold on to what we know, even if it is not serving us

• How life actually wants to support us if we let it

• What highly successful people have done in the past

• “Let go and let God” (whatever that means for you)

Lightbulb moment: Loosen the grip...Life isn’t that serious after all.



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